September 19, 2017

Hello all! Please bear with me, if you have something ordered I'll get it to you, we are experiencing Elk Difficulties, but we will be back to regular after we have obtaind some Back Strap! 

August 30, 2017

It's that time of year when we hit the woods, and call the wild Wapiti! In years past I have kept my reed/diaphragm calls either in a primos pouch, or in my mouth. The pouch was always a drag to get to, and took a ton of movement when I would get surprised by a Elk. Keeping the call in my mouth worked great...for a saliva broke down the call and latex breath took over. I was always looking for a solution to the "where do you put your reed" problem, until one day I found a cool reed holder here in the Rogue Valley. Bendable Products made what they call the Reed Quiver! It solved the problemsthat I have always faced. The little plastic clips held my reed snugly, yet provided easy access. They have a metal clip that will clip on to your hat, backpack straps, or even bino holder. I have put these clips through their paces, they solved all my call problems. I liked them so much that I asked Bendable Products if they would make some special colors for me so I could pass them on to...

April 26, 2017

I figured it was time that Barebow Hunters got its own website. On this website we will house all the Barebow Hunters Content. We will Provide links to our YouTube channel, blog, and Podcast...that's right Podcast! We will also move all of our hats and T-Shirts to the Barebow Hunters store that you can access in the Menu. So check back often, as we will be updating on a regular basis. Until then Shoot Straight...Nate 

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