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Elk season is upon us!

Elk season is here! this is the time of year all of us get jazzed. We are looking forward to documenting the process of getting a bow with our trad gear, but more importantly we would like to help you gain the confidence to set out on your own elk adventure! We have created several resources that will help you not only gain confidence, but also gain skill. Our lats three podcast have all been elk focused. With them, we are trying hard to introduce people to the game. We want to point out what to expect, but more importantly, to light the elk fire!

The past couple of YouTube videos have been geared towards the season as well, and we are creating more as I write. If you haven't caught them you can start watching them here.

Keep an eye out for more calling, scouting, and barebow tactics as the season progresses.

If you are finding what we are bringing you helpful, or entertaining would you be willing to help us out? It takes a bunch af time and money to produce content, we love it and will always do it, but it would help in you helped us out If you became part of the TRIBE by joining our Patreon Page or by heading to the Barebow Hunters STORE and purchasing some Barebow Hunters gear.

We hope that what we are doing at Barebow Hunters is starting or fueling your passion for hunting with a Traditional Bow. We would love to hear your stories, answer the questions we can, or just plain chat. you can reach us at thanks and may your arrows fly straight.

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