Winter is the perfect time to dial in your Traditional Archery!

Are you working on your shooting in hope of hunting with the Traditional Bow this year? Mabye you just picked up the stick and string and don't know where to start. Or you have been at it a while and have never thought about meshing the Physical and Metaphysical in your shot sequence. If one of these examples are you, catch our next video that uploads at 6 pm tonight on our YouTube Channel The Life Outdoorz. We have made this video to help you get started in instinctive archery, we hope that it starts you on the path, but for more intense instruction we recommend you check out Solid Archery Mechanics with Tom Clum for form, and Shot IQ from Joel Turner to get your head straight, but if you want to get shooting and like the KISS method I think our next video will help you out.

Traditional Archery How Human Physics and Metaphysics affect the shot.

I also found 4 Barebow Hunter Shooting Gloves if you need a new glove or just want to take your Barebow Hunters pride to your next shoot. Hurry though, they will go fast.

Barebow shooters glove!

Thanks For taking the time to swing by today, and thanks for supporting the Barebow Hunters lifestyle!