Happy Monday: We Reached 10,000 Followers in Barebow Hunters Facebook Group, Published the first vid

Its been busy here, and with the onset of the flu it might take me a bit longer to get the 10,000 member drawing done. I hope to get it completed this week. If you haven't joined the Facebook group yet you should you can find it here.

I also wanted to bring to your attention our latest video. If you haven't heard, we up load videos all the time to our YouTube Channel The Life Outdoorz all the time. You can check out the Barebow Hunters videos for free anytime on YouTube. if you like the videos please subscribe. Here is our latest video.

Last but not least, if you still haven't satisfied your Traditional Bowhunting sweet tooth Download our latest podcast with Jake Downs...The Resolute Hunter. He just completed his super 10 with Trad gear. Great podcast from a great guy. You can Check it out below.


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