The Blacktail Series Finally : What's Next?

Thanks for watching our Blacktail series, those deer can be frustrating in a tree stand, but on the ground...they'll drive ya crazy! I hope you had a great time watching it. For those of you haven't seen it you can view it below.

I was really bummed, almost depressed when I uploaded the last video of the series because I thought it signified the end of bowseason. After Talking with Jonathan at 3 Rivers Archery about post season blues, he brought up a great point...Did I check the regs for seasons that I overlooked? I know Bear season is still open until the 31st, but one thing I didn't take into account was that Silver Gray Squirrel season is open year around in my part of the state. After the abuse I took from one of them this deer season, I wouldn't feel at all bad to fill a bag full of those little loudmouths. Besides, I'm always touting the benefits of hunting small game, and how it will help you learn how to stalk and draw on big game.

It wasn't long after this realization until some Flu Flu's were on their way from 3Rivers Archery. So the next Barebow Hunters Video Series is well on its way. In it, I hope to articulate why I think small game hunting is one of the best ways to train for big game. As always, you will laugh, but I would also like to share with you the history behind hunting small game, and the importance of hunting it was for the indigenous people of our area.

As you can see there is a lot ahead for Barebow Hunters in the video world, and if you like Traditional Bowhunting you will want to SUBSCRIBE to our CHANNEL for updates. Remember to hit the bell to be notified about the release of each video. Until then, thanks a ton for watching. If it wasn't for your support we couldn't bring this to you. If you would like to support us more, you can do so by legitimizing us as a Tradition Bowhunting media producer by forwarding this blogpost, Inviting people to out Facebook group, subscribing to our Youtube, and let 3Rivers Archery (when you shop there) know you check out our content by using the dropdown "where did you hear about us" menu. Your support can help us bring more and better barebow goodness to the world. we can't thank you enough. Nate