Tradition, is People

One of the great things that the #barebowculture has done is introduced me to a diverse group of archers. Some like longbows, some recurves. Some like the precision of the aluminum ILF bows and others like a twisted self bow, but we all hold one thing in common...the magic of a smooth draw, solid anchor, and clean release. These pieces of archery transcend time, and almost become eternal as their mastery exist in the metaphysical half of humans. A subconscious ability that’s as old as humanity itself. As archers today put these ancient arts into practice we step into the linkage of thousands of years.

Barebow Hunters exist to bridge new comers to the #barebowculture with the Lineage and Lore that has existed for thousands of years. You, as a Barebow Archer are a part of this and have something to share. We, at Barebow Hunters, believe in providing the forums to facilitate this type of interaction, wither through the Facebook group, the forum on this website, our podcast, or the Youtube Channel or goal is to bridges and create the collective archers glue that transcends the normal. I hope we are meeting that goal for you.