Barebow Hunters. Com has Just turned another Corner

Hello all, I have just started a new forum for those who love the Traditional Bowhunting Lifestyle. This forum fills the void between traditional Internet forums and social media. It’s like our Facebook group, but the post won’t get lost in the feed here. I will also be active in the Forums to make sure all the great things about the Facebook group will be assimilated here.

Treat others as you wanted to be treated

no cussing

help rather than ridicule 

The Barebow Hunters Community is a good one, please use these forums to emulate the #barebowhuntersculture. This has been going on for thousands of years. Bowman (that means women to) have been passing on, discussing and sharing their lifestyles with others since the first stave was bent, this forum is just an 2018 extension of’s where tradition and progression meet. Enjoy