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Call Management

It's that time of year when we hit the woods, and call the wild Wapiti! In years past I have kept my reed/diaphragm calls either in a primos pouch, or in my mouth. The pouch was always a drag to get to, and took a ton of movement when I would get surprised by a Elk. Keeping the call in my mouth worked great...for a saliva broke down the call and latex breath took over. I was always looking for a solution to the "where do you put your reed" problem, until one day I found a cool reed holder here in the Rogue Valley. Bendable Products made what they call the Reed Quiver! It solved the problemsthat I have always faced. The little plastic clips held my reed snugly, yet provided easy access. They have a metal clip that will clip on to your hat, backpack straps, or even bino holder. I have put these clips through their paces, they solved all my call problems. I liked them so much that I asked Bendable Products if they would make some special colors for me so I could pass them on to you. They knocked it out of the park with the Barebow Hunters series. If your looking for a way to keep your calls accessible, clean, and in good shape you owe it to yourself to give the Reed Quiver a try this season. For a short time if you type in the code: bow season at checkout you will get a extra 20% off. 

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