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I formed this forum to give us another place where we can converse and keep a log of post that are important. Facebook makes it hard to track reference post. This forum can only be as good as you guys so please post away. Thanks Nate

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  • I'm a father and husband of four, at a ripe ol age of 28. I really have been enjoying the great people i'v been running into involving traditional archery. I started loosing arrows at age 10 or so after watching my older brother carve two selfbows. I'll never forget that day he said, watch this!, and kicked a soccerball as high as he could, swiftly grabbed his bow, nocked an arrow and sailed that woodie Smack into the center!! I'v been hooked ever since:) So my question is, with a couple of selfbows under my belt, i'm getting ready to glue up a laminated reflex deflex longbow.Once its out of the box and im to glue on the back of the riser and tip overlays, i wouldnt have to heat those up also right? Do i just clamp them at room temp? I'm useing smooth on glue.
  • Hello everyone, lets use this thred to introduce ourselves. I’m Nate Bailey, I live in Southern Oregon and have a beautiful wife Misty, and three boys, Aaron,Gage, and Chase. I love to deer hunt, bear hunt, waterfowl hunt, and steelhead fish, but my passions are Barebow Elk Hunting in the Rutt and Swinging softhackles for monster trout. I am active in conservation as the TRCP ambassador for Oregon, and have been appointed the ODFW’s habitat and access committe. I started the facebook group, Barebow Hunters and this site to expand the #barebowculture. If you would like to contact me you can message me here and on just about anyother social outlet. Im looking foward to meeting all of you. Nate
  • Follow this post on Barebow Hunters Facebook Group... This is the official Barebow Hunters Film Festival Post. I will post links of to the entries below, go to that link, if you like the video give it a like for one point. The person with the most likes by the start of Oregon’s general fall bow season opener. DO NOT POST your video here. Send it to me and I’ll review it to make sure it meets the criteria then post a link to it for you. Any video that is posted directly to this post, will be removed! Rules will be. 1. Tradgear, no sights 2. No degrading animals (such as sitting on them) remember it’s a life that you have taken. 3. No shameless branding (infomercials) it’s fine to show what you use but yelling out , “and my (put any brand here) did such a fine job launching my (put any brand here) which was tipped with a devastating (put any brand here) smoked him. Thats just tacky. Logos and brand names in the ending credits are fine. 4. It’s totally legit to ask people from other groups to join Barebow Hunters so they can vote on your film. 5. All films will be filmed in a fair-chase fashion, of which I will be the judge of. 6. Films with vulgarity will not be accepted. The way you enter is by emailing me southernoregonhunting@gmail.com a link to your video. (YouTube will provide that if you upload to them) I will review the video and if it meets the above criteria I will post a link in Barebow Hunters Group. The film with the most likes in the Group will win a prize package that will be disclosed later. We will cut off all likes and announce the winner a day before Oregon’s General Elk Bow Season starts ( this is really a way to get me stoked about opening weekend � �😉) so film away and have fun. Does it sound like fun? I can’t wait to see what you all come up with.