Feb 19, 2018

What’s your Favorite bow?


I have gone through a ton of bows over the years and I’m sure I will go through many more. Right now im shooting a Mongol by Rustic Archer.


Feb 21, 2018

Mine is my Morrison Take Down Longbow 62” 56”@28”


Mar 19, 2018

Geez, Nate, what happened to your bow holder in that photo? Hee hee....

Is that bow pretty quiet shooting?


Stan, I truly love that snake skin on the limbs of that bow! Are those woodies you shoot?



Mar 19, 2018

Ya Jimmie, those are cedar shafts 11/32 with 2 blade 125 Gr Zwickey Eskimo Broad Heads I’ve been shooting this setup for years along with 5”right Helical feathers

Mar 19, 2018Edited: Mar 19, 2018

Cool, Stan!!!


I love shootin' woodies! Those look great! The crown and cresting is really well done. Did you make those, or buy from someone?


I do shoot a weird mix of aluminum and wood in my quiver. Mentally, I have a tough time stump shootin' my cedars I just made. I guess I prefer to torture them on my bag target. So the heavier 2018s get the nod for stumpin'. I do have a dozen Surewood fir shafts waiting for some attention. I'm in the process of making a disc sanding jig (for the tapers) to be used on my table saw. When I finish that, then I'll build the fir woodies. Here's a photo of my Jim Brackenbury bow, my homemade quiver & arrows.




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  • I have a Vine Maple "stave" drying that I cut down on my little chunk of property about 2-3 weeks ago. Sometime in probably July I'd like to start trying my hand at making a selfbow with this wood. This will be the first bow I've ever attempted to build. In the meantime, I've been watching videos, and I bought a couple of Traditional Bowyer's Bible volumes I'm waiting for in the mail. Been reading build-alongs an various other message boards, trying to learn as much as I can. Was wondering if anyone here builds bows, and if they have any thoughts and advice on bow making? Any advice on dealing with knots, heating & bending wood, things like that? Any advice on "must have" types of tools, or a vice? Finally, any photos and stories about any bow(s) you may have built? Jimmie